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Pitched Roofs

T. S. Perry Roofing Specialists Limited provides the highest quality workmanship and has an excellent level of expertise in the re-roofing of all slate and tile properties. If you need an experienced roofer, we have been in the roofing trade for over 38 years covering Wrexham, North Wales, Wirral & Cheshire area.

All roofs have a finite life. Sooner or later the cost of continually patching up an old roof will overtake that of complete re-roofing. Many older properties were constructed without proper underlay or insulation. A new roof enables the installation of these energy saving items as well as installing roof space ventilation to meet modern standards.

We specialise in all forms of re roofing using a vast array of products including new slate, reclaimed slate, concrete tiles, clay tiles.

All work is fully guaranteed with 10 year guarantee. These guarantees are also transferable to subsequent owners of the property.

When re-roofing or extending an old roof, the key is to replace or match “like with like”. We can always obtain new natural slates of which there are many qualities on the market available and again samples can always be obtained for selection to be made.

With so many roof tiles now available on the market from a wide range of machine made clays and concretes, hand made clay tiles, pan tiles, reclaimed tiles and fittings. We advise on the best tile for your roof taking into consideration the pitch and weight per ton. The appearance of the tile and surroundings and if the property is listed we obtain approval from the conservation officer, we will supply samples for approval.